Below are some testimonials of our service.

The school has availed of the professional Maintenance and Security services of the Crann Support Group     Ltd. since 2008. The services provided and the terms and conditions under which they are provided are set out in an annual service level agreement.

The Services

The school avails of maintenance and security services.

The maintenance service provided covers those duties pertaining to the role of ‘school caretaker’ as described in the traditional contract of employment of a school caretaker.

There are general duties of maintenance of and care of the school premises, furniture, equipment and fittings. The general duties also extend to upkeep of the school grounds including the school car-park, flower and shrub beds and grass areas.

There are daily duties including inspecting the premises, attending to any immediate matters, checking with the School Principal regarding urgent repairs and regarding repairs requested by teachers and checking and attending to additional listed jobs.

There are regular duties such as checking the electrical equipment and fire fighting equipment for loose fittings etc., checking P.E. and other equipment for safety and continued fitness for purpose, reporting and repairing, as appropriate, anything that could be a hazard to the health, safety and welfare of employees and pupils, cutting the grass as appropriate on the lawns and football pitch, trimming of shrubs, hedges and trees and disposal of school refuse.

There are duties during adverse weather. If there is frost or snow the internal paths around the school are cleared and salted, flooded drains are alleviated as necessary and during periods of cold weather the operation of the heating system is monitored.

There are school holiday duties that include completion of tasks decided annually by the School Principal. The main duties to be completed during school holiday time revolve around the cleaning of the premises and fittings and the readying of the classrooms, the premises and grounds for the resumption of school. Such holiday duties may also include tasks such as painting, shelving, fitting furniture and attending to matters that require the premises to be vacant.

The security services supplied include the opening and closing of the premises and grounds, morning and evening checking of the premises and grounds, checking at the end of the school day of all taps, lights and windows and responsibility for the final setting of the alarm system and final lock-up.

Quality and Reliability of Service

The quality and reliability of the service provided has always been excellent. The provider supplies a core group of experienced, skilled, trustworthy personnel, all of whom have been vetted appropriately. Work is carried out appropriately on a punctual, reliable and professional basis. A notable feature of the service is the high degree of flexibility available to accommodate the needs of the school. The service provider works closely with the school to ensure delivery of a high quality and reliable service.


I would highly recommend the service to potential users. It is ideally tailored to organisations such as schools and provides for the wide range of tasks that arise both during term time and during holiday breaks. There is a broad range of expertise available and an ability to make available a number of persons to attend to tasks requiring additional personnel. Great care has been taken to ensure the quality of person employed is of a suitable calibre to work within a school environment. The service is very professionally organised and delivered. Our school has enjoyed a very positive engagement with the service.

John Byrne,

(Principal/Secretary,Board of Management)

I wish to fully endorse the work of the Crann Support Group, specifically their programme of supports for childcare based and broader commmunity voluntary organisations based in County Meath.

I support their variuos programs and I have witnessed first-hand how invaluable their services have been to the various community groups throughout Meath.

I would hope that the Crann Support Group will be in a position to continue their work for the betterment of the wider voluntary & community sectors in Meath.

From its conception in 200, the Crann Support Group has grown from strenght to strenght. It has successfully expanded out into the voluntary sector ofeering advice and is also providing training and practical work experience within community employment schemes.

I wish the Crann Support Group the very best for the future and look forward to engaging with them in years ahead.




Damien English,

(T.D,Minister for Skills, Research and Innovation)

I am proud to have been involved in a number of volunteer roles with Crann Support Group in Trim County Meath while I lived locally (up to April 2016). As an advocate of third sector enterprises I recommend Crann Support Group as a model of best practice.

Crann Support Group is the largest social enterprise project in Meath and one of the most innovative examples of a social economy project meeting community needs in Ireland.


Michael Kenny,

(Lecturer,Department of Adult & Community Education, Maynooth University (Ollscoil na hÉireann Má Nuad))