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Shared Services Benefits

The benefits of a dedicated shared services organisation focused on guiding and supporting Community Organisations are very achievable and sustainable. Trinity College Dublin carried out a detailed study in 2019 to look specifically look at the benefits of CRANN as a shared services organization and its contribution to the community. These benefits include the following:  

Benefits of CRANN Shared Services

CRANN identifies actions that need to be taken to ensure the services are sustainable through a rigorous assessment of the financial structure and delivers cost effectiveness through its guidance and support.
CRANN’s expertise in Service Management, HR Management and Financial Accounts for example is tried and tested delivering high quality service to member organisations.
One of the areas that CRANN has a particular strength in is Governance and how governance is achieved through its structures and procedures. This gives peace of mind and minimizes any potential exposures in this area.
In providing Shared services across a range of management and administration areas Service Centre Managers can spend substantially less time working on these areas and more time delivering their core service to the community.
CRANN has the ability to utilize its resources to support an organisation that has an immediate need or requires help with a specific project through the flexibility and commitment of its staff.
One of CRANN’s mantras is ‘We Listen, We Advise, We Guide, We Support. Feedback from member organisations and backed up by the Trinity College Dublin study gives support to view that CRANN delivers on its purpose.

Benefits of Shared Service - Member Focus Group

Ref: Trinity College Research Project 2020

Benefits for Boards of Directors

Benefits of the Shared Services Model

Direct Benefits


Cost Saving

Organisational Agility

Employment Opportunities

Indirect Benefits

Improve Quality of Life

High Rate of Return

Reduction in Criminal Behavior

Children Preform Better

Social Mobility

Affordable Childcare

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