Lisa O Connell

Senior Childcare Worker

Profile: Lisa O Connell

Senior Childcare Worker

Hi my name is Lisa O Connell I have worked for Ronanstown Community Childcare Centre since June 1999.

I am a Team Leader in Preschool. I have seen many of the children progress through each room of Ronanstown Community Childcare Centre and leave us to start their journey in primary/senior school. They have returned to us years later as a childcare members of staff or returning to bring their own children into the crèche. Witnessing this through the years has given me great joy and makes me very proud to work for Ronanstown Community Childcare Centre. It is comforting to know that the children we support through their time in our crèche never forgets the part we play in helping them in their growing journey.

My role is to provide opportunities to help children develop and reach their milestones in a safe and fun environment to enable them to grow and play both physically and emotionally.

I am a supportive team leader and I work in partnership with Parents/Carers to support their children’s learning and growing journey.

I adhere to the policies and procedures of Ronanstown Community Childcare Centre and I support all staff members in implementing our policies and procedures in the day to day running of the centre.