Mary Smith

CE Supervisor

Profile: Mary Smith

CE Supervisor

My name is Mary smith and I have been the CE supervisor in Ronanstown Community Childcare centre for the past two years. I’ve previously worked as a CE supervisor on a different project and as a Tus supervisor. Otherwise the bulk of my working background has been in adult education; at one time I was an adult tutor. More importantly, I returned to education as an adult so can understand the challenges faced by those going back into a learning environment having not been there for many years.

My role is to process applications, help to match the person with their CE role, compile a career and learning plan and support the work and training of those on the scheme. I organise the training for the various roles and provide support for CE participants who face challenges. While carrying out work experience, CE participants are regarded as valued members of staff. Their day-to-day activities are supervised directly by room leaders and centre management. I provide backup support when needed.

If anyone is considering taking the opportunity to join the CE scheme, the best thing to do is to make a call or send me an email (details above) so I can let you know if you are eligible based on your circumstances and payments. I’d like to take this opportunity to stress that a call or email to make an enquiry does not put you under any obligation to take part on the programme.