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Ronanstown Community Childcare CE scheme is designed to provide career training alongside work experience in a chosen area and is open to those on most social welfare payments. Though the majority of CE positions available are as childcare assistants with the childcare centre, we also offer roles in administration, catering and maintenance. The opportunity to work with Ronanstown Community Development Project is also open to our CE participants as part of their administration and project management staff.
While on the CE scheme participants work in the setting for 19½ hours per week on a work contract alongside the core staff, with entitlements to holidays, medical leave etc. However, they still receive any underlying entitlements they were previously entitled to such as fuel allowance, back to school allowance etc. plus a small additional payment. Training in their chosen area of interest will be provided and funded by the scheme.
Ronanstown Community Childcare Community Employment Scheme


Training is an important part of the CE experience. Those who complete the programme will leave with a professional qualification that will enable them to find employment in their chosen field. However, this is often the most challenging aspect for some, particularly for those who haven’t been in a classroom for many years or whose previous experience with education was a negative one. If this is the case, it may help to share with you the experiences of some of those who are now on the scheme and who felt the same way when they started.

“I have found the CE scheme very beneficial and rewarding. I have a better outlook on Childcare now. I have learned so much from doing my assignments, constantly gathering new information along the way. My workplace experience has been excellent. Everyone is friendly, helpful and understanding”…2nd year childcare learner

“I’ve gained a lot of experience while on CE and the training has really helped my confidence. Now I am nearly a qualified childcare practitioner all thanks to CE and my supervisor”…2nd year childcare learner

Mary Smith

CE Supervisor

My name is Mary smith and I have been the CE supervisor in Ronanstown Community Childcare centre for the past two years. I’ve previously worked as a CE supervisor on a different project and as a Tus supervisor. Otherwise the bulk of my working background has been in adult education; at one time I was an adult tutor. More importantly, I returned to education as an adult so can understand the challenges faced by those going back into a learning environment having not been there for many years