Research Projects


The CRANN Model of Shared Services provision to Community Organisations has attracted the attention of academic institutions and commercial enterprises to carry out research.

CRANN & Trinity Business School (2021, 2020 & 2019)

The Business School of Trinity College Dublin in particular has carried out three in depth studies (attached) through their MBA programme over the last 3 years. The first study looked at the Social Impact of the shared services model. The second study examined the strengths of CRANN and opportunities moving forward. The third and most recent focused on Market research to establish if there is a need for the shared services model nationally in Ireland.

CRANN very much appreciates the work Trinity College has done and in particular all the post graduate students who did great work to produce very informative and valuable reports.

CRANN & Mary Immaculate College (2021)

CRANN has commissioned Mary Immaculate College to carry out of a piece of research, to explore how the Early Years Sector can become professionalised.  It has been proposed, that the research will focus on models that currently exist in other countries. In addition, it will look at the possibility of setting up a Childcare Register.  It is viewed that until the Sector is Professionalized, Early Years Professionals will remain known as “Childminders.”

From ‘Voice to Action’ PDF Presentation

Voice to Action PDF

Researcher Martina Coombes, Doctorate in Early Childhood Studies, Queens University Belfast (2021)

Crann have participated in an exploratory study of the perspectives, views and experiences of educational professionals working with young children’s transition from outdoor pre-school settings to primary school. This research set out to establish how children transition from outdoor only pre-schools to the desk-based curriculum delivery in primary school. It looked at the understanding of Aistear in both educational settings. It focused on the role of the educators in relation to the curriculum and the competencies and difficulties of the children who had been in the outdoor pre-schools and how they transitioned and managed primary school. The research also sought to explore the concept of school readiness as interpreted by both the early years educators and the primary school teachers.  Research report coming soon!

CRANN’s Participation in a Study of Social Enterprises in Vietnam and Ireland (2020)

Cannon, S., & Rhodes, M. L. (2019). Social Enterprises in Viet Nam and Ireland. Social Enterprises in Viet Nam and Ireland. (2020).

CRANN, National Childhood Network (NCN) & Mercer Ireland (2017)

In 2017, Mercer was commissioned by the National Childhood Network (NCN) and the Crann Support Group to make recommendations on the appropriate remuneration for Early Years Professionals. In order to establish appropriate pay scales, they benchmarked the various roles of the Early Years Professionals within centre based services–Early Years Educators, Supervisors/ Room Leaders, Assistant/Deputy  Managers, and Managers - using Mercer’s International Position (Role) Evaluation System.  The results of the evaluation were then compared with other comparable roles in the public sector and appropriate pay scales developed.

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