MCDAR Project

Meath Community Drug & Alcohol Response is a confidential community project offering a range of services to individuals and family members who may be experiencing difficulties with addiction. We operate our service based on mutual respect, dignity and equality.

Crann Support Group is our Project Promoter

Services Provided

Key working and Care planning
Brief Interventions
Support for Families
After care group
Complementary Therapies
Mindfulness & Meditation
Stabilisation Group
Interagency Networking Meetings
Counselling Service as funding permits
85 people accessed our services in 2016 for brief interventions, key working and care planning with approximately a further 30 making an initial once off contact.

20 Family members accessed our service for brief interventions, key working and care planning
22 Under 18’s accessed 77 hours of counselling and 16 adults accessed 155 hours of counselling.


Confidential Drop-In Service available in Navan:
Wednesdays 2pm-4pm (0ff Ludlow Street)

Confidential Drop-In Service available in Trim:

Thursdays 2pm-4pm (Haggard St Car Park)

Confidential Support around substance/alcohol misuse.

Contact: Lorna (087) 1845805 / Trish (086) 4081511

Community Supports

Education Workshops in Co Meath
Junior Cert Initiative with 2750 information packs distributed to parents in Co Meath through twenty two secondary schools in the week prior to Junior Cert results with the emphasis on young people celebrating safely.
Host a community networking information lunch twice yearly to increase the profile of MCDAR in the Community
Involved with local and county interagency networks where appropriate to build capacity and maximize support for individuals accessing our service.
Participated in the Meath Interagency Strengthening Families programme 2016

Family Focus is a series of five, two and a half hour sessions on alcohol and drug awareness in your community.

The aim is to give parents skills to support their young people through teen years withtout signigicant drug or alcohol use and where there are issues how to access appropriate support.

Get new information
Learn new skills
Use practical solutions
Be assertive in your parenting
Teach your children to make healthy choices