Job Seekers include:

Any person who is aged 18+, who is out of work, under-employed (or on a COVID-19 payment) and has the right to work in Ireland. Jobseekers do not need to be on a job seeker payment. (Please contact us if in doubt.)
The person is committed to getting a job and wants the best possible targeted help to do so.

We tailor our service to suit you

If you are a NEW JOB SEEKER – just starting out, we can help you nail the basics such as identifying your strengths and competences. We keep it simple, showing you common sense, tried and tested techniques that will greatly enhance your prospects.

If you are MORE EXPERIENCED we meet you there to help you review, rethink and reboot.

You can choose from fixes to investment pieces.

One-off support: Your approach needs a tweak – we got it!
Choose this? You probably have the CV, the COVER LETTER, and the experience – battle-hardened? Perhaps you just need a re-think – a re-hash, some ideas – a fresh opinion?

Workshops: You need help with everything related to job seeking and that’s what you’ll get.

We start with the structure – the building blocks by getting to know you and what you need. We help you to equip yourself with the tools and ‘know how’ to tackle any and every aspect of job hunting. We then trial you. You will discover that getting a job requires a unique skillset – which once acquired will not only help you identify your target and navigate your journey to it, but which will serve you forever.

By building strong job seeking skills you are also developing a set of evidence based skills that are highly valued by employers (in their employees). You will be able to use these at your interview to get yourself hired and then in your job. 2 FOR 1 (See these skills below!)

We help each of our service users to identify issues, and sort, assess, and streamline their job hunting.