About Us

Delivering the tried and tested blend of a little talk (us) and a lot of action (you)
We talk: Common Sense / Realistic Goals / Investing in You
You act: Do it / Revies it / Reifne it!
Result? Results!


Free TO USERS / strictly confidential
The chances of getting a job after a full year of unemployment can be as low as 14%?

DID YOU KNOW THAT  Those odds increase to 84% with ACTIVE participation in the Job Club Programme of Workshops?


  • In 2016 over 425 people accessed the service
  • 50% + got jobs
  • Meath Job Club networks with Employers (who not only post jobs with the service but support and advise our jobseekers)?
  • Meath Job Club is all about ‘Doing’?
  • Meath Job Club offers