About Us

We job coach.

Our service is about ‘doing’, it’s about action, about taking charge and about making things happen. To be clear, we do the talking – common sense, realistic goals setting, listening, identifying and directing. You do the action – because it’s down to you to make it happen.

  • We target our target – you (and later, with you – your potential employers).
    We don’t believe a one dimensional, one-sized approach fits everyone. It makes people look shapeless. We are about shaping and tailoring and targeting and showcasing ‘individuals’ in all of their glory and for all of their quirkiness and originality – to help them get their story down on paper and then in person at an interview.
  • We help each of our service users to identify issues, and sort, assess and streamline their job hunting.
  • We guide, and provide advice on any topic related to job hunting, including changing direction, upskilling, in-work benefits, and employment and employer supports.
  • We inform, update and direct our users to current provision, market trends and matters that affect them and their decisions.
  • We work with facts and figures and evidence. We are myth busters, we question the question, and challenge assumptions, and challenge you to challenge yours – to review your thinking on job seeking and what is working and not working (for you).

Were you aware that…..

  1. The chances of getting a job after a full year of unemployment can be as low as 14%?
  2. Did you also know that those odds increase to 84% with active participation in Job Club workshops?
  3. Did you know that ‘how lucky you are’ in your job seeking outcome is actually down to you and how active you are?

We target employers too (with you and on YOUR behalf) but only when you have done the work and have that story ready to tell).

Jane McAdam

Career Coach

Job-coaching and facilitation, adult guidance, and training (over 20 years).

Career consultant, accredited coach and trainer with a background in molecular biology and cancer research.