Funding Departments

Department of Rural and Community Development

CRANN Community Service Programme

Funder: Department of Rural and Community Development

The Community Services Programme (CSP) is funded through the Department of Rural and Community Development and supports community-based organisations to provide local social, economic and environmental services through a social enterprise model and create employment opportunities for disadvantaged people.  The Funding received provides financial support to assist with the cost of hiring staff.  It is a fixed contribution towards the cost of employing a manager and six full-time equivalent position (FTEs).

Department of Social Protection
CRANN Community Employment Scheme

Funder: Department of Social Protection

The Community Employment (CE) programme is designed to help people who are long-term unemployed (or otherwise disadvantaged) to get back to work by offering part-time and temporary placements in jobs based within local communities.  The CRANN Community Employment Scheme has approval for 27 Participants.  The training provided through CE is delivered within a Quality Assurance framework that can be achieved and that lead to major awards on the National Framework of Qualifications.

When a person’s CE placement ends, the person is encouraged to seek a job elsewhere using the skills, experience and training gained while participating on the CE scheme.  The duration of a CE placement is for 12 months but can be extended up to 36 months.

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East Coast FRC (Family Resource Centre)

Funder: Tulsa Childcare and Family Agency

In 2018, CRANN was successful in its application and was very proud to be announced as one of the 11 new Family Resource Centres (FRC), by the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Dr Katherine Zappone, and Tusla’s Chief Operations Officer, Jim Gibson

The FRC programme is Ireland’s largest family support programme delivering universal services to families in disadvantaged areas across the country based on a life-cycle approach.  The aim of the FRC programme is to combat disadvantage and improve the functioning of the family unit.  Like all other FRC’s the East Coast FRC works inclusively with individuals, families, communities, and both statutory and non-statutory agencies. FRCs are an integral part of the Child and Family Agency’s Local Area Pathways model and act as a first step to community participation and social inclusion.

South Meath Area Response to Teenagers (SMART)

Funder: Department of Justice

Garda Youth Diversion Projects and a number of Young Persons Probation Projects are co-funded by the Irish Government and the European Social Fund as part of the ESF Programme for Employability, Inclusion and Learning 2014-2020.  The aim of the funding is to provide effective interventions to challenge and divert young people from criminal behavior.

Meath Community Drug and Alcohol Response (MCDAR)

Funder: The North East Regional Drug and Alcohol Task Force (NERDATF) – HSE Social Inclusion Allocation

MCDAR is one of the Projects in the North Eastern Region (Louth, Meath, Cavan and Monaghan) funded by NERDATF, to support the delivery of National Drugs Strategy, Reducing Harm, Supporting Recovery, 2017-2025. The funding supports treatment and rehabilitation by offering a range of services to individuals and family members who may be experiencing difficulties with addiction.

Department of Social Protection
Meath Job Club

Funder: Department of Social Protection (DSP)

Funded by the DSP Meath Job Club provides a service to assist jobseekers to enter / re-enter employment through the provision of individualised supports, a ‘drop in’ service, CV preparation and formal workshops. The funding supports the Meath Job Club service to enable jobseekers to take positive steps towards realising their career plans and to explore and follow-up employment opportunities.

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