Groups & Activities

Community Development

Community development is a process whereby those who are marginalised and excluded from society are enabled to gain self confidence and a sense of inclusion. They are encouraged to participate in actions to change their situation and to tackle the problems that face their community. Community development empowers community members and creates stronger and more connected communities. Community development ‘promotes participative democracy, sustainable development, rights, economic opportunity, equality and social justice, through the organisation, education and empowerment of people within their communities, whether these be of locality, identity or interest, in urban and rural settings’. Community development can range from small initiatives within a small group to large initiatives that involve the broader community.

The goal of the FRC is to work and liaise closely with the community guards, social workers, teachers, probation officers and other agencies in order to represent the voices and needs of target groups and disadvantaged communities. The FRC aim to work with community groups to provide a range of activities, to provide a safe space that allows the community to share knowledge and resources effectively, to set up new services by liaising with interested groups, to act as a facilitator to promote self-help in the community and to make funding applications for relevant organisations.

Women’s Groups

The FRC has 2 established women’s groups in the local community. The group not only offers opportunities to make new friends, it also works towards increasing women’s personal development skills.  Personal development is a lifelong process. It’s a way for individuals to assess their skills and qualities, consider their aims in life and set goals in order to realise and maximise their potential. Personal development activities the group have engaged in include; Christmas wreath crafts, budget cooking, arts & crafts, crocheting, safe TALK training and day trips to Botanic Garden and Wicklow Goal. The group also offer an abundance of emotional support to one another during the group meeting and outside as they meet for ‘coffee and a chat’ in times of need.

Parent & Toddler Group

Baby and Toddler Group is a stimulating friendly environment which provides play experiences for babies and infants, promotes positive parent-child interaction, advice and information support on child development for parents, guardians, caregivers and childminders.