It was countries such as Norway, Sweden and Scotland that paved the  recognition that children’s learning and well- being are optimised  when children are giving the freedom to explore outdoors. Daoine Oga was one of the first outdoor pre-schools here in Ireland and has been growing in demand since it was first established in 2011. It is not only the pre-school children who avail of this wonderful outdoor play opportunity as each of our rooms have their own individual gardens where children of all ages can utilise the outdoor experience daily.

All full time children are supplied with meals throughout the day, breakfast, morning snack, dinner, and tea. Milk and Water are served at all our meal times.

Our afterschool’s service caters for 30 children ranging between 5  and 12 years of age. The session provides homework support, a nutritious hot dinner and recreational activities. The children further develop their social skills, and are supported in developing their creativity and independence.