World Meningitis Day Tuesday 24th of April

Tuesday the 24th of April is World Meningitis Day and GSK Ireland is delighted to provide you with information on meningitis and the symptoms of meningitis via the website

As you know, meningitis is a rare but serious and sometimes fatal disease with babies and toddlers under 5 at the highest risk of infection. GSK Ireland conducted research with Irish parents, and discovered the following:

  • Despite 99% of Irish parents believing that meningitis is a serious condition, awareness of the signs and symptons remains low.
  • 44% of Irish parents surveyed thought a distinctive rash is the first sympton of meningitis, despite the fact it often appears after other symptoms, or not at all.

As a direct result of this, the KnowMeningitis campaign aims to empower parents and carers and help them to identify the early signs and symptoms of Meningitis. For more information please visit the website or talk to your healthcare professional.