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Annual Report 2022

Annual Report 2021

Strategic Plan

CRANN has developed this Strategic Plan for the period 2020 – 2023 with accompanying operational plans for CRANN shared business services, its Social Inclusion Projects and its member Community Childcare Organisations.

The Strategic Plan groups the Service Delivery Areas, concentrating on the five outcomes for children and young people (and adults). (Better Outcomes, Brighter Futures: The National Policy Framework for Children and Young People, 2014-2020) In addition, in addition the Strategic Plan includes the theme of building organisational capacity.

CRANN’s Strategic Plan sets out our aims, objectives and desired outcomes for each of the six Service Delivery Areas, across CRANN Shared Business Services, its Social Inclusion Projects and member Community Childcare Organisations.

Annual Report 2020

Dr Mary Redmond Honorary Award 2022
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