Samantha Flynn

Assistant Manager

Profile: Samantha Flynn

Assistant Manager

Hello, my name is Samantha, I am the Assistant Manager here at Coiscéimeanna Childcare Centre. I oversee the running of our Afterschool service and 3 Preschools.  As I am a sporty outdoors person, I find managing our outdoor preschool interesting and rewarding. I am not afraid to get messy with the children, burn off a few calories or play with a few insects. I find that the outdoors has a therapeutic effect not only on myself but on the children.

With over 15 years of experience working with children, I take pleasure in promoting their development, creativity, and independence. I feel my role is to advocate for children, give them an enjoyable education and create interesting learning opportunities. Since starting in Coiscéimeanna in 2018 as an Early Years Assistant with a Level 5, I have progressed and am currently studying for my Hons Degree in Early Childhood studies. I am also a First Aid Responder, which can come in handy when working with children. With my partner Gatis and daughter Rachael being Latvian, I adore the inclusive and diverse environment of Coiscéimeanna.

I love learning the different languages, cultures, and traditions, and appreciate how we blend them into learning opportunities for the children. What I find satisfying about my job, is seeing a small child come to us first, lacking confidence and self -awareness, and seeing them flourish into confident, respectful, and able learners. My moto is to think like a child and help turn education into enjoyable play experiences. I look forward to meeting you and your child, and hope to welcome you into our Coiscéimeanna family.