Marie Daly

Profile: Marie Daly

Chief Executive Officer

Marie Daly is a founder member and Chief Executive Officer of the Crann Support Group. With a primary qualification in Youth and Community Work from the University College Cork, Marie has a passion for community development. Over the past 30 years Marie has worked with many communities in identifying their needs and has driven projects with many stakeholders, by taking collective action to generate solutions.
As CEO, Marie has the overall responsibility for creating, planning, implementing, and integrating the strategic direction of the Crann Support Group and many of its Member Organisations.
Working within the principals of the Code of Governance, Marie provides support and guidance to Boards of Directors of Community and Voluntary Organisations, and provides leadership and direction to Managers and Project Leaders on the day to day operation of their Community Childcare Service or Social Inclusion Project.
Marie’s proven social entrepreneurial skill of building Early Years and School-aged Childcare Services from greenfield sites and developing Social Inclusion Projects to meet local needs, has led to her experience and foresight being much sought after by other Community and Voluntary Organisations. They come to the Crann Support Group seeking her advice and guidance in setting up, or changing the direction of a service in their local community.
Marie has a long track record of providing leadership to Community and Voluntary Organisations. She has a keen interest and understanding of issues facing both Community Childcare Organisations and Social Inclusion Projects. Marie represents these organisations at both national and local forums including; DCYA-National Collaborative Forum for The Early Years Care and Education Sector, Early Years Forum for the Professionalisation of the Early Years sector, National Childhood Network (NCN), National Forum for Community Childcare Services (Chairperson), the Workforce Development Plan, Together for Early Years and Meath CYPSC.
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