Catherine Finney


Profile: Catherine Finney


As a former Manager and Area Support Manager in the childcare sector with over 16 years of experience, Catherine has a vast amount of qualifications including BA Hons Degree in Early Childhood Education and Practice, Manual Handling and Fire Safety Instructor’s courses along with most recently achieving Child Protection.

Catherine has been a Co-ordinator for the past 6 years and was part of The Crann Support Group prior to this. Over the years Catherine has built up her knowledge in relation to the delivery of training and the staffing needs in this sector.

As part of a strong team, Catherine deals with identifying training needs for new and existing employees, and mapping out development plans for teams and individuals, develop training aids such as manuals and handbooks, facilitate learning through a variety of delivery methods including classroom instruction, virtual training, on-the-job coaching, maintain employee training records, handle logistics for training activities including venues and equipment, establish and maintain relationships with external training suppliers, coordinate off-site training activities for employees, manage training budget, manage and maintain in-house training facilities and equipment, keep current on training design and methodology. Catherine is also responsible for managing, designing, developing, coordinating and conducting all training programs on behalf of the CE Scheme.